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Our Mission

Our overall mission is to bridge the healthcare gap in Africa by providing access to the remotest patient to seek advice from expert medical practitioners through the use of modern day telemedicine technologies.

24/7 Availability

Access a MDCN or United States Board certified medical professional expert anywhere, anytime through the internet or mobile app.

Quick Resolution

Receive on-demand medical advice from our medical professionals and where necessary have your prescription mailed to our partner pharmacies, tests ordered for you at our partner laboratories or referrals to any of our partner medical facilities.

About Careclick

Careclick continues to pioneer and provide a whole range of Telehealth equipment and technologies that provide consultation and support our subscribers all through their entire patient experience including applications, devices, carts, kiosks and other specialized innovative medical devices.

Our solutions are useful at home, work, primary, rural & tertiary healthcare facilities, hospitals, ships, oil rigs amongst others.

Working with a diverse range of local and international partners, we are delivering first class healthcare to thousands of Nigerians and providing diverse Telehealth services including;

  • Online Medical Platform
  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Specialist Services
  • Concierge Care Services
  • Consultancy Services

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Online Medical Platform

A highly interactive platform that allows our local and international medical experts to connect and provide our patients with primary and specialist consultation anywhere, anytime!

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Specialist Services

With our expert Consultants always available, we have made specialist medical opinions readily accessible and affordable – thus circumventing the long delays associated with …

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Concierge Care Services

In addition to our standard services, we offer our Premium Plus subscribers Concierge Care Services which include Video conferencing, Text (SMS) messaging and email communication,…

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Whether it’s learning how virtual care supports your overall organisational strategy, financial performance, employee experience, or market position, our team of healthcare …

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Health Insurers

New advances in telemedicine and the reduced overall costs of healthcare that it brings have increased the demand for this kind of this service by patients all over the world. Implementing telemedicine into your Health Plans will give you access to a new group of customers who are looking for these services, and also the opportunity to provide increased value add to existing customers.

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With Telemedicine, employers can have a more positive influence and impact on the healthcare delivered to employees and their families. In addition to this, Telemedicine also represents yet another shift to the digital world for employers and also saves money and boosts productivity by drastically reducing employee absence from work for medical reasons…

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Health Systems

With the lack of modern equipment, manpower and other resources, the advent of telemedicine is extremely advantageous to both the individual and the health systems in Nigeria and the African region at large. With the new remote capabilities, local health systems will not have the ability to manage new patients they couldn’t hitherto manage but also manage time and save money …

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Government and its agencies are in need of innovative partners to help overcome the challenges of healthcare’s modern-day landscape, which is basically the provision of quality and accessible healthcare at an affordable cost.
At CareClick, we offer a full range of industry-leading hardware and software healthcare solutions that will help government hospitals and other …

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Download the CareClick Mobile App

Say goodbye to your health worries!! The CareClick mobile application offers convenient and easily accessible medical care anytime/anywhere. It is your quick link to premium 24Hrs medical services. Think of it as having your clinic/hospital, or doctor/specialist with you everywhere you go. It offers confidential 1-1 chat with your doctor, easy appointment scheduling for convenience, health/well-being tips and many more. Get it from the Android & IOS store!!

Download CareClick App from iTunes Store Download CareClick App from Play Store

Convenient & easy application use

Book appointments at your convenience

Quick access to quality medical care

Connect directly with a specialist at will








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