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COVID 19 Preventions

Wash your hands frequently

Wash your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub or wash them with soap and water regularly and thoroughly. This helps to get rid of viruses that may be on your hands

Maintain social distancing

Maintain at least 2metre distance between yourself and others. This helps to protect you from possibly infected droplets from other persons when they cough, sneeze, or speak.

Avoid touching body parts

Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth. This prevents you from transferring viruses you would likely pick up from contaminated surfaces to your eyes, nose or mouth.

Abstain from crowded places.

Avoid going to crowded places as you are more likely to come into close contact with someone that has COVID-19 and it is more difficult to maintain physical distance at such places.

Our Services

We provide quality healthcare at your convenience.

  • Remote Patient Monitoring

    Remote Patient Monitoring

    Our premium clients have the ability to receive remote management of their conditions including drug refills & deliveries.

  • Digital healthcare consultancy

    Digital Healthcare Consultancy

    Whether itโ€™s learning how virtual care supports your overall organisational HMO strategy, financial performance or employee experience, CareClick will work with you to design the best strategy.

  • Patient

    Primary and Secondary Care

    This is the use of our online platform for audio, video, chat and live interactive session with our certified doctors who perform a referrer and sends a prescription after each consultation.

  • Medicine

    Medical Health Information

    We provide extensive health tips to our subscribers and they are able to obtain specialized health information and access online discussion groups.


We offer great prices for every plan

Select any of our dedicated plans based on your need.


₦500 /month

Live consultations with our GPs

  • Unlimited consultations

  • 1 Subscriber

  • Video consultations

  • Chat consultations

  • Audio consultations

  • Live consultations with our GPs


₦2,000 /month

Live consultations with our GPs

  • Unlimited consultations

  • 5 Subscribers

  • Video consultations

  • Chat consultations

  • Audio consultations

  • Live consultations with our GPs

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