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Consumer Medical and Health Information
We provide extensive health tips to our subscribers and they are able to obtain specialized health information and access online discussion groups that provide peer to- peer support on their medical conditions.
Load Balancing

We can help you balance the workload of your multiple clinic locations by virtually relocating physicians and staff from less busy locations to ones in need of more support.

Growth Strategies

We help you identify additional areas where telemedicine can help you grow your business and reduce costs

Workforce Alignment

Telemedicine programs can bring significant changes to the structure of your organization. We’ll help you game plan and drive your new telemedicine agenda.

Benefits Rationalization

We help you build your telemedicine business case and quantify the benefits and cost of ownership.

Careclick Implementation

We help merge our platform with your existing systems and capabilities to provide the exact telemedicine solutions for you.

Tele Education

We will to use our platform to assist in the continuous re-education of medical professionals.


  • 24/7 technical support for any software concerns
  • 24/7 product support for medical devices & hardware
  • Customized self-service portals for common issues and frequently asked questions