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Health Insurers

New advances in telemedicine and the reduced overall costs of healthcare that Telemedicine brings have increased the demand for this kind of service by employers and patients all over the world. Implementing telemedicine into your Health Plans will give you access to a new group of customers who are looking for these services, and also the opportunity to provide increased value add to existing customers.

Health Insurers

Save Time

We can help your patients get the care they need, where they actually need it. When they indeed require a physical hospital visit, we will help you reroute them to the most appropriate of your facilities.

Grow Your Client Base

Telemedicine is the fastest growing area of medicine and will continue to increase as our devices continue to gain more prominence in our daily lives. Grow your customer base by letting us integrate our unique platform into your health plan.

Chronic Care Management

With us, you can establish your own functional Chronic Care Management system using your current practitioners or our services to address chronic conditions as simple as asthma to those as complex as heart failure.

Let us help you build Telemedicine into your health plans

Customized services to fit into your business model

Have our best in-class marketing services help engage your customers

Give your members access to renowned and trusted healthcare leaders in their respective fields

The ability to remotely receive first class medical advice both in critical and non-critical situations will greatly improve patient engagement, awareness, adherence to medication regimen, drastically reduce patient readmission and in the overall will be great for your business – whilst at the same time improving access!