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How It Works

Create an account by filling out a short questionnaire, choose your username and subscribe. On confirmation, we will send you a link to the platform.


Log in with your username and password where you will be taken to a page with a list of available medical practitioners. You will also be able to schedule a future visit with your preferred professional, in the event where he/she is currently not available.
A confirmation of appointment will be sent to you via email.


Using the web, our mobile app or your phone, you can engage in a consultation session with a professional. Your previously uploaded health information and other details will be securely shared with the attending doctor for review before the visit. That’s it! In about 30 minutes, you are done and your treatment plan will be emailed to you afterwards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes you just need a doctor for information or a second opinion. Just sign up and you’re ready to go. Select a doctor, and he or she can answer questions, assess your condition and even provide a prescription if needed. Log in and you’ll see a list of doctors available and ready to talk 24 hours a day, 7 days a week just in case something happens.

Prescription availability is defined by physician country regulations. Get honest and useful answers only a real doctor can offer.

How do I connect with a doctor?

After a quick registration process your information is entered into the system. You will then receive directives on how to connect with a physician. You can either set up an appointment at a convenient time or request to be connected to a physician immediately.

How do virtual visits compare with live services?

CareClick offers comprehensive online services that allow you to connect with licensed Nigerian and international healthcare providers via video or audio at your convenience. An online visit follows all the same guidelines for privacy and care as a traditional in person visit, but with the ease of access not found in scheduling and arriving at a traditional visit.

Approximately how long is the wait time to connect with a healthcare provider without a pre-scheduled appointment?

Our patients are usually connected to their physician within 15 minutes.

Will I need a HMO to access the online medical platform?

Aside patients from our HMO partners, any of our subscribers can also access our platform.

Who are our medical professionals?

All of our doctors are either Nigerian or U.S licensed doctors who have been credentialed in their respective fields. Our network consists of only the top providers with the most highly ranked patient feedback reports.

Can I get a prescription for my medications?

Our virtual hospital functions just like a brick and mortar physician clinic. If a medication, laboratory examination or visit to the hospital is necessary, our physicians will provide a referral to the patient to our partner hospitals.

Do I need a membership to request a consult?

Yes, you need to be a paid subscriber to access our services.

How is our platform different from other telehealth or telemedicine providers?

Our platform is an extensive network of physicians, and that allows us to provide general and specialist expert opinions in most medical specialties. Our patients therefore enjoy a huge breadth of accessibility to the highest level of medical care.

Will my health information and payment details be kept private and secured?

Your health records are kept totally private and we employ robust encryption methods along with international HIPAA compliant storage method to protect your personal information and data. Patients have full discretion to determine who can see the information in their records

Can I still request a consultation if I do not have a smartphone or computer?

Of course! Our platform allows patients to call our call center and register over the phone, and they will then connect you to see a physician.

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