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Remote Patient Monitoring
Our patients are able to have their prescription sent directly to their preferred pharmacies according to their geographical locations with the option of having it delivered or them physically picking up their medications. In addition, they are also able to use devices to scan and send medical information such as ordered laboratory tests to their physicians through our platform. Such tests might include a specific vital sign, such as blood glucose or heart ECG, or a variety of indicators for homebound patients.


Access to Care

24/7 access to ‘doctors and other’ care management services required through non-face-to-face mechanisms such as secure video consultations and text messaging.

Managed Care

Systematic assessments of patient needs, including medication reconciliation and review of adherence and follow-ups in the event of ER visits or hospitalization.


Our EHR systems are certified and HIPPA compliant on all key information such as patient diagnostics, demographics, medications, allergies and others.


Remote Patient Monitoring

RPM allows our providers to have remote check-ups with their patients. On our platform, you can monitor their vital signs and overall health in order to keep them healthy in the comfort of their homes.

24/7 Patient Access Portal

Our platform allows patients to login via our patient portal at anytime to see their medical standing – providing them comfort at all times. You can also review their adherence and follow-ups in the event of ER visits or hospitalization.

Reduce Patient Readmissions

Being able to remotely monitor your patients will allow you to know exactly when they need to be readmitted, resulting in an overall drop in patient readmission and providing you satisfaction.